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The purpose of this section is to provide detailed policies and procedures which are applicable to funds administered by Northeastern Illinois Agency on Aging, including those provided under the Older Americans Act, State appropriations, and other related programs. These policies and procedures are intended to:

• Describe the procedures that Northeastern  Illinois Agency on Aging will follow in monitoring  grant activities and identify the fiscal compliance responsibilities of grantees.

• Prescribe fiscal and program policies and procedures that will safeguard public funds being  used in Older Americans Act and related grants administered by Northeastern Illinois Agency on  Aging.

Grants Management

Technical Support:

Jody Stoops

Fiscal Analyst


phone: (815) 939-0727

Report Requirements and Due Dates

Data Entry / Reports

Due Date


Adult Protective Services (APS):


Day 5  (before 3:00)

Money Management Payment Request

Day 20


C1/C2 Data Entry (for prev month):

Day 15

IIIE CCC Data Entered (for prev month):

Day 28


Day 7


Financial Status Reports (All Titles/Services)

Jan 10

Apr 6

July 10

Oct 6

Nov 30


Program Reports (All Titles & Services)

Apr 15

Oct 15


Grant Budget Revisions

Jun 15*

*deadline unless later submission date approved

Monitoring and Special Reviews

The Agency on Aging has the responsibility to ensure that all agencies receiving Older Americans Act or other Agency-administered funds operate effectively and in compliance with the terms and conditions of their award documents. As a result, the Agency on Aging has a system for monitoring and conducting special reviews of funded agencies.

Monitoring is the ongoing process by which the Agency on Aging systematically gathers provider program and fiscal data.  Monitoring will be conducted through the use of on-site visits and/or desk reviews. Activities include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Review of provider reports submitted to the Agency on Aging, audit reports, financial statements, cost allocation plans, and other written documentation, as appropriate.

2. Review of Illinois Department on Aging performance monitoring and evaluations reports, including discussion and follow-up with IDOA staff regarding provider performance.

3. Telephone/email/online discussion between the Agency on Aging’s staff and providers.

4. Periodic joint meetings with providers.

5. Periodic on-site monitoring.

The Agency on Aging will use the information gathered during monitoring to:

1. Ensure that each provider performs the activities and outcomes for which the funding award was made, consistent with all terms and conditions.

2. Identify significant deficiencies in performance that must be corrected.

3. Determine if Agency on Aging technical assistance is needed.

4. To determine if Agency on Aging immediate follow-up is required.

5. Establish a basis for initiating action against a provider when serious problems are not resolved.

Given the ongoing nature of monitoring, providers will not be notified of the results of every monitoring activity.  However, when the Agency on Aging monitoring indicates significant issues, the provider will receive written notice within a reasonable time period of the monitoring results and any actions needed to achieve compliance.

Special Reviews are on-site visits in response to specific Agency on Aging concerns or issues. The results of a Special Review will be formalized in a report and will be issued to the provider within a reasonable time period. The report will detail the findings and actions necessary to resolve the concerns.

2017 HHS Poverty Guidelines

Click to download the PDF for the 2017 Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines

Services Standards

The service provider must adhere to the Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging General Service Requirements in addition to service-specific requirements listed below.

General Service Requirements

Aging and Disability Resource Network

Community Connection Collaboration

IIIE Caregiver Program

Other Standards

Flexible Community Services Service Standards

Education Service Standards

Caregiver Counseling Center Service Standards

Counseling Service Standards (IIIB)

I&A Service Standards

Health Screening and Evaluation Service Standards

Caregiver Resource Center Service Standards

Legal Service Standards (IIIB)

Home Delivered Meals Client Process Addendum

Recreation Service Standards

Nutrition Service Standards (IIIC1 and IIIC2)

Outreach Service Standards

Ombudsman Service Standards (IIIB)

Residential Repair & Renovation Service Standards

Transportation Service Standards (IIIB)

Options Counseling Standard

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Reports and Records

Click the icon to download the PDF

Recipients of Agency on Aging funding are responsible for managing and monitoring each project, program, service, function or activity supported by the award and are required to submit timely, complete, and accurate performance and financial reports in such form, and containing such information as required.

Recipients are required to purchase and utilize specific software and have sufficient data transfer bandwidth capability. Recipients must be able to relate financial data to performance data and to develop unit cost and service outcome information whenever practical.

Program Performance Reporting

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The following is an overview of the key program reports required by the Illinois Department on Aging and Northeastern Illinois Agency on Aging.

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