Who We Are

Over 520,900 seniors 60+ live in the Agency on Aging's eight-county service area. The agency awards funds to local agencies in each county to provide vital Older Americans Act services.  The agency monitors these services to ensure that they are of high quality and that its funds are spent appropriately.

Older Americans Act Services includes Meals on Wheels, Case Management, Information and Assistance, Family Caregiver Support, Legal Services, and much more.

The Agency on Aging:

• Is an effective link between local, state and national aging programs and services.

• Connects a vast network of senior providers to those who need them.

• Gives at-risk elders the opportunity to stay in their own homes with dignity and safety.

• Advocates and collaborates with communities to prepare seniors and families for aging.

Our Story

Chartered in 1974, the Agency on Aging is a non-profit agency dedicated to combining resources, leadership and expertise on aging in DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will counties.

The Agency on Aging works closely with the U.S. Administration on Aging, Illinois Department on Aging and many other agencies to address both the immediate and long range needs of our seniors.  We are one of over 600 such agencies throughout the country, created by Congress, to implement the Older Americans Act and coordinate a wide variety of services for persons 60 and over.

Our Responsibility

Our mission is we to strive to make aging easier through the development and promotion of a network of services for older persons designed to optimize the quality of their lives.

Our most cherished belief is that all older persons should be respected for their individual value, dignity and contributions to society and that their autonomy and privacy must be protected.

Donations help to ensure that resources and service options are available to older persons and their families.

Here's what your money could be doing for nutritionally
at-risk seniors:

• $25 buys 6 meals

• $50 buys 12 meals

• $100 buys 24 meals

2016 Annual Report

Download our 2016 Annual report in PDF format.

FY2018 Public Information Documentz

Download our FY2018 Public Information Document.

The Team


Lucia West Jones

Executive Director


Administrative Services

Dawn Simon

Clerical Operations Manager


Linda Williamson

Secretary, West Chicago


Pam Rainbolt

Secretary, Kankakee


Alison Peterson

Chief Accountant


Grants Management

Maryanne T. Daman

Grants and Technology Manager


Myra Manssen

Resource Manager


Jody Stoops

Fiscal Analyst


Community Planning

Marla Fronczak

Community Planning Manager


County Liaison:


Loretto Cowhig

Community Planner


County Liaison


Service Specialty:

Service Specialties: Legislative Advocacy, Medicare/MIPPA, SHAP – Senior Health Assistance Program, SHIP – Senior Health Insurance Program, Annual Report, Demographics/Statistics, Press Releases, Senior Medicare Patrol Project (SMP)

Donna Copeland Hill

Community Planner


County Liaison

Lake & McHenry

Service Specialties:

Service Specialties: Caregiver Support Program (IIIE) Access, Respite, Gap-filling, etc., Transportation Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, CDSMP – Secondary, Legal Services, Counseling

Lucinda Hurt

Community Planner


County Liaison


Service Specialties:

Service Specialties: Adult Protective Services, CCU Liaison, Veterans Independence Program, Information & Assistance & Outreach – Title IIIB, Home Repair - Title IIID, Disaster

Ginnie Moore

Community Planner


County Liaison

Kendall County & Will

Service Specialties:

Health Promotion - Title IIID, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), Community Connection Centers, Congregate Meals - Title IIIC1, Home Delivered Meals - Title IIIC2

Megan Napierkowski

Community Planner


County Liaison

DuPage County & Will

Service Specialties:

Service Specialties: Aging & Disability Resource Centers, Options Counseling, Information & Assistance – Direct Service Waiver, Ombudsman – including Money Follows the Person, TES/MFP Supervisor, Housing

Transition Program Team

Colette Jordan

DuPage County


Glenda Love

Kane County


Margaretta Senyah

Lake County


Pamela Gembica

Will County


Special Events

Mimi Bajagich

Special Events Manager


Kaitie Hauser

Special Events Coordinator


Board of Directors

Jessica Bannister

Kendall County

William Biscomb

McHenry County

Ralph Feese

DuPage County

Jennifer Franck

Kane County

Cheryl Ghasson

Will County

Frank Phillips

Lake County

Michael Williams

Will County

Susan Grossinger

McHenry County

Jennifer Hiser

DuPage County

Alon Jeffery

Lake County

Luella Kellogg

Grundy County

Bonnie Saban

McHenry County

Melissa Schmitz

DuPage County

Dr. Margaret Kraft

DuPage County

Warren Kronberger

Grundy County

Daniel Lane

Kendall County

Dr. Janet Leonard

Kankakee County

Dr. Michael Stowe

Will County

Gregory Thompson

Lake County

Larry Nolan

Kankakee County

Robert J. O’Connor

Kane County

Daniel Parsons

Kane County

Laurine Tucker

Kane County

Gwen Ulmer

Will County

Greg Weider

Lake County

Advisory Council

Larry Anderson

Kane County

Karen Condon

Will County

Bruce Conway

Kankakee County

Gary Ford

Lake County

Sharon Coghlan Gerc

McHenry County

Stan Hewitson

Will County

Lou Ann Johnson

Will County

Jack Kreger

DuPage County

Barry Lamb

McHenry County

Karen Leimberer

DuPage County

Greg Lind

Kane County

Andrew Love

DuPage County

Arlene Martin

Kankakee County

June Melber

Lake County

Peggy O’Connor

Lake County

Jeanette Palmer

McHenry County

Tania Schwer

Grundy County

Rufus Stephens

Will County

RaeAnn VanGundy

Kendall County

Kitty Weber

Kane County


“I have no family.  The meals are the highlight of my day.”

— Barbara, age 65


“Our family is very appreciative of the services provided in this program. Not only does my dad receive a hot meal for lunch every weekday, but has the added benefit of friendly, consistent delivery volunteers. I know this service really adds to his well being.”
— Family of John, age 89

“It makes me feel loved, safe, and it is close to tasting like home cooking.”
— Richard, age 88


“I like getting the meals because I have trouble standing long enough to cook and if I had to do it everyday I couldn’t. We are thankful it’s available.”
— Lily, age 94


“These meals mean a great deal to me and I truly do appreciate them.”

— Bernie, age 89

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Join Us

The core of Northeastern Illinois Agency on Aging is its Board of Directors, assisted by the Advisory Council. The Board and Council represent the eight counties of the Northeastern IL service area.

Members of each group represent a wide range of experience and professions. Through their professional work and as volunteers and participants, Board and Council members stay in touch with their communities and with state and national aging issues.

Although Board and Council members represent their home counties, they also share a regional perspective in order to provide planning and services for the entire area. Board and Council duties center around the Agency's Area Plan and the schedule of funding allocations, grant awards, and service monitoring.

Apply to become a member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Council Application [PDF]

Internships – The Agency on Aging does not provide direct services to seniors, but looks for students with an interest in program evaluation, development and system change.  Please submit your resume and cover letter here. info@ageguide.org

Click here for Volunteer Opportunities

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